Trampolines To USA Need To Be Approved By ASTM

Certification Process

  • Venue: mainly load-bearing

  • Drawing: mainly depends on product structure

  • Material: The material must meet the standard

Program Customization Process

  • Understand the relevant information of the customer site;
  1. Country: geographic location, folk customs, etc.
  2. Venue type: square, amusement park, shopping mall, ect.
  3. Surrounding situation:such as people around.
  • Obtain site information
  1. Drawing: CAD is the best choice; second is the plan file;
  2. Requirement: mark the position of the door; pillars or obstacles, etc.
  3. Site information: the latest site pictures and videos
  • Understand the budget, preference style, configuration requirements
  1. Determine the style: Ask the client for the main style
  2. Target players: age group, etc.
  3. Budget: acceptable price range;
  4. Selection:customers’ preference equipments, equipment that must be kept, etc.
  5. Other special requirements
  • Drawing
  1. Layout plan, showing the selected items and layout to the customer;
  2. Floor plan confirmation: customer feedback,modify till customer satisfy, confirm.
  3. 3D renderings: 3D renderings will be made after the plane layout is confirmed, which can be modified 3-5 times
  4. Drawing time: 2-7 days for plane layout drawing; 3-10 days for 3D drawing;
  5. Notes: The charge for 3D renderings depends on the project situation.
  • Accounting price
  1. Calculate the price after 3D drawing finished;
  2. Time: within 1 day after providing the rendering;
  • Sign a contract to pay for production
  1. Sign the contract;
  2. Arrange deposit: customers need to pay 30% of total amount as deposit;
  3. Production: The production time is about 20-35 days, and immediate communication is required to confirm.