Project Description

Factory Price Amusement Park Ocean Train|Theme Park Equipment Kids Amusement Equipment

Current: 34A Voltage : 220v-380v Rotating motor: 800w*l
Track Specifications 1000cm Power : 1500w Speed : 0.98m/s
Output voltage 24v Operating motor: 800w*2 Weight: 3000kg
Transportation Cuber : 20m3 Age : 6 years and older (including adults) seat: 14
Ocean train Ocean train

Product Introduction

The hydraulic principle is used to make the arm rise. The difference from other equipment is that the oil pump motor automatically stops water work when the pressure is reached.

Increase the life of hydraulic equipment and save power. Each seat comes with a rotation 360°, which increases the degree of playability.

Reasonable parent-child seat design, suitable for all ages. The slope of the ascent and the rotation of the seat bring safety and excitement.

The dazzling lighting design, the beautiful music melody, and the flying up and down of each bent arm are pleasing to the eye.

With 18 seats, it brings rich benefits to the venue. It is a great choice whether it is indoors or outdoors.

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