Project Description

Factory Price Amusement Park Rotating Lift Small Plane 6 Seats Amusement Equipment

Track: 500*1160cm Voltage : 220v Rotating motor: 800w*l
Diameter: 330cm Power : 350w Speed : 0.98m/s
Specifications:  350*hl60cm Operating motor: 800w*2 Weight: 250kg
Transportation Cuber : 6m3 Age : 6 years and older (including adults) seat: 12
Rotating lift small plane 6 seats Rotating lift small plane 6 seats

Product Introduction

A small plane designed for children, with classic high-end colors of white, blue and purple,makes children like it more.

Gorgeous lights, dynamic music,and interactive rocking games, satisfied the likes of children. The children cranke ball machine makes the ball rise in the glass tube,increasing the fun of interaction.

The childhood is completed only when you have experienced riding a rotary lifter.

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