Project Description

Amusement Park Space Flying Saucer Amusement Equipment|Kids Amusement Equipment For Sale

Track: 500*1160cm Voltage : 380v/220v Rotating motor: 800w*l
Diameter: 330cm Power : 5kw Speed : 0.98m/s
Area cgvered: 800*1350cm Operating motor: 800w*2 Weight: 3000kg
Transportation Cuber : 25m3 Age : 6 years and older (including adults) seat: 12
smartcapture smartcapture
Figure 8 orbit across the starry sky Figure 8 orbit across the starry sky

Product Introduction

The sci-fi design gives people a mysterious and yearning feeling. The device moves up and down on the 8-shaped track.

With the dazzling lights, cool shapes,it rotates 360° back and forth, and the crossed orbits run up and down,provide a different feeling to the players,both exciting and safe.

You can hear the sound of flying saucer.The wind whispers in the ears, what a perfect starry sky experience.

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