How the Self-control Aircraft Ride Machine Work?

What are the large amusement facilities of self-controlled aircraft? What are the common characteristics of these machines?

  • The common large amusement ride machine of self-controlled aircraft are: self-controlled aircraft, bouncer, little bee, flower fairy park and so on. The machines are moved by the rotation and lifting of the players around a vertical axis.

What are the characteristics of the structure and movement of the self-controlled aircraft?

  • Self-controlled aircraft ride machine is a typical product of large amusement game machines. The occupant part rotates and rises and falls around the vertical axis. The automatic control aircraft cabin is installed on the end of the swing arm and rotates around the central axis. While rotating, players can control the supporting cylinder by themselves through the operation buttons on the cabin (Or cylinder) to lift the cockpit on the swing arm. At the same time, it is equipped with realistic and exciting air combat sound effects, and can hit the other aircraft down. It is suitable for the young people and children. The main structure is composed of swing arm, cockpit, base, slewing device, hydraulic or pneumatic device, operation control system, etc. The structure diagram is shown in picture 1-11.

Self-control Aircraft Ride

1—swing arm;2—shell;3—Support cylinder;4—control button:5—cabin;6—Safety fence;7—Control room;8—Slewing ring;9—slow down engine;10—Electric motor;11—Pneumatic system;12—machine base

 1-11 Self-Control Aircraft