Huge Amusement Equipment Basic Knowledge 2

What is the Amusement Equipment Carousel included and how are the feature of them?

  • Normally, the Carousel included the merry go round, revolving cup, rolling cabin, love express and ect. The common feature is they are all moving around the vertical axis and lift up and down.

What is the carousel feature of the structure and running?

  • Merry-go-round is one of the normal amusement equipment of carousel. It is running by the transmission mechanism which spin around the vertical axis. There are the horse in the equipment which lift up and down. It is like many horse are racing ahead. The carousel with colorful outside look and traditional decoration around the horse. Running with the music and lighting. It is a safety and suitable for all age player equipment. The carousel is combine with the turntable, horse, drive mechanism, transmission mechanism, controller. Kindly check the structure diagram as below:       Carousel
  • 1-Fence, 2-controller,3-Boom, 4-crankshaft,5-Ride,6-conical gear pair., cylindrical gear pair.7-Transmission mechanism (motor, hydraulic coupling, reducer, slewing ring), 8-central shaft, 9-Carriage, 10-Turntable.