What Are The Characteristics Of The Structure And Movement Type Of The Strop?

Strop is a typical product of large-scale amusement facilities without power. Strop movement means that passengers ride on the skid from the highest end of the track to lower platform by sliding through the wire rope. Some use the lifting mechanism to lift the hanging passenger skis along the wire rope to the upper station. Then slide down to the lower platform. Braking and deceleration devices are set on the lower platform to reduce the impact when players arrive. When the skid arrives at the lower platform, it will decelerate under the action of the deceleration buffer spring, and the passengers will stop in the buffer zone.The structure diagram is shown in Figure 1-24.


1-lower platform; 2-rod pull: 3-lower gantry; 4-buffer spring; 5-wire rope;6—Slide; 7—Hanging chair; 8—Upper platform; 9—Upper gantry.Figure 1-24.

What are the large slide amusement facilities? What are the common movement characteristics?

The slides can be defined as trough slides and tube-rail slides. Their common movement feature is that the rider device (the trolley) has a certain kinetic energy or potential energy and then slides along a rigid track that can be controlled by passengers. The diagram of the structure is shown in Figure 1-25 and Figure 1-26.


Figure 1-25 Block structure


Figure 1-26 Slippery road line

What are the characteristics of the structure and movement of the trough slide?

The trough slide is a typical slide machine of the large-scale amusement slide facilities. The chute is a common sports and entertainment facility. It is with lots of entertainment and high participation. And the customers are from a wide range of ages. The main body of the trough chute is made of stainless steel. The equipment of the chute is built against the mountain. It is hauled by the lifting system to the top of the mountain, and then freely slides down along the slope. The main structure is composed of stainless steel, pulley and lifting traction system. The appearance structure diagram is shown in Figure 1-27.


Figure 1-27 Trough slide

What are the characteristics of the structure and movement of the tubular slide?

Tubular slide is also a typical product of the large-scale amusement slide facilities. The main body of the tube-rail slide is a steel tube track, and the equipment principle is similar to the trough slide. But its special tube rail and trolley structure ensure that passengers will not leave the slide equipment when they slide. Please refer to the structure as Figure 1-28.

Figure 1-28 Tubular slide