What is Rotating Coffee Cup Amusement Ride Machine

What are the characteristics of the structure and movement of the rotating cup ride?

The rotating coffee/ tea cup ride machines is a typical product of the large carousel amusement game machines. The rotation ride machine is equipped with a large turntable, a small turntable and a turntable cup. The big turntable is with three small turntables, and each small turntable is with 3 revolving cups. The moveable cup is for players to sit in. In addition to rotating around its own central axis, the cockpit also rotates around the center of the turntable. And each small turntable rotates around the center of the big turntable. Visitors sit in the cup and have fun of multiple compound rotations. They can choose the rotation limit according to themselves. The cockpit is manually rotated through the middle hand wheel to obtain a more exciting rotation speed. Each cup can seat four people, which is suitable for families and tourists of different ages to participate. The rotating cup cockpit and decoration are with vivid and beautiful design. It is deeply loved by tourists. The whole rotating cup rides amusement game machine is mainly composed of a large turntable, a small turntable, a rotating cup, a rotating support, a drive system, an operation control system and other spare parts. The structure is shown in Figure 1-2.


Rotating Coffee Cup

1—Large turntable; 2—Large turntable support frame; 3—Large turntable slewing support and reduction motor;4—Base; 5—Small turntable support beam; 6—Turntable; 7—Slewing support and geared motor;8—rotating cup; 9—rotating support; 10—hand wheel; 11—control operation room

     Figure 1-2 Rotating cup